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Farewell Facebook

Due to some unprecedented events that occurred last evening, I have decided to emancipate myself from the world we call Facebook. Yes, it's Facebook or FB for short. I think everybody knows it. Who doesn't? Well, most probably, everyone has it. But yeah, to refresh our minds, Facebook is a social networking site that (please refer to the image below, this you will find in the Facebook Homepage)
I've been a Facebook user since 2008 (for further info: my account got hacked in 2009, I deleted it and made a new one, which I'm using up until now). Facebook has become my online repository of memories imprinted in pictures and thoughts put into words. It has also enabled me to connect and re-connect with old classmates, teachers, colleagues, friends, family, and relatives. For three years already, I've been an active user (even more active now that I have 24/7 internet connection here in Korea). And as time goes by, I've become so comfortable with Facebook that it jus…

Happy 90th Birthday Lola!


Sunday Funday at Herb Hillz

After a grueling week of laboratory works and reporting, finally I got to reward myself with a trip to Herb Hillz Park! From Downtown Daegu, we rode the Geub haeng 2 bus. The trip should only take about 40 minutes but due to traffic, it took us more than an hour. On our way, we saw a sign stating that Herb Hillz is 1km away, but since we didn't know where the bus stop is specifically, we just estimated the distance. We thought maybe 2 more stops to go but suddenly many people were already getting off the bus. We asked one lady where the Herb Hillz bus stop is and she said we're already there. Asking questions definitely helps.

Boyfriend blazer please?

Yes, I am currently into boyfriend blazers!

A boyfriend blazer has a different cut from the usual, sharp tailored ones. It doesn't hug the body instead it gives a roomy space for other clothing layered beneath it. It is a chic and stylish piece. I totally love how it transforms a simple outfit into a sophisticated, classy look (the picture below is a perfect example) or the other way around, giving a cool laid-back vibe to a somewhat formal attire.

Made it

Finally, I'm done with my presentation! Thank you so much God! Even if I only had two hours of sleep, hadn't eaten breakfast, and couldn't help but feel nervous before my 10am presentation, I still made it. It's all because of God. To You be the glory.

I really am blessed.

And it's nice to know that I got a pat on the back from my professor and senior. Hopefully I'll also do well in my next presentation.

New Year's Eve

I want to watch this now, but still, I need to wait  until December

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So you went out for a slice of pizza, right? And you may have just ran into the one. 
You know what's that called? 
SERENDIPITY. You don't mess with serendipity. 

Hard times

I can't help it, I told myself I wouldn't be writing here until I'm done with my presentation, but then here I am. My presentation will be in a few days, on Tuesday to be exact. And I haven't started yet making the powerpoint slides. I still need to read some journals. Grrrr! And I'm stuck with it. I've been reading since Wednesday, but I haven't moved on with the first journal. That always happens to me. And now, I hate reading journals - those long, scientific articles, which will make your nose bleed for the fact that they contain very, very, VERY technical terms. (pause, inhale, exhale) Well, I suppose you will say, You're in the Sciences, so expect to encounter those scientific journals. Yes, I know, I know. Actually it's amazing to be able to learn the recent studies and advances in my field, but sometimes I just feel so fed up, I'm having information overload already! Haaay, the life of a graduate student, the life of a future scientist. …