First snowfall on the first day of 2012

I spent New Year's eve with my family thru Gmail video chat. Even though we're oceans apart, it's like we're just a computer screen away (thank you, internet!). And this afternoon, after going to church, an unexpected thing happened. While walking in downtown, I noticed some white thing falling from out of nowhere. I thought maybe those were just small flowers. But, flowers in the winter?!? Or maybe just some dirt. But then, I realized the answer.
Weeeee! My first ever snowfall experience! I never expected it would happen today, January 1, 2012. Before, I used to only see it in the movies because living in a tropical country like the Philippines will never allow one to experience winter. But now, it's like a dream come true seeing snow! Definitely, happiness!

The past year had been a great year for me. It's like a roller coaster ride - with ups and downs, and some unexpected turns. But I'm very thankful to God for being there for me all these years, for not giving up on me and for giving me the strength to survive all the challenges of 2011. I just pray that may He enable me to face this new year with a good and brave heart, a strong faith, a determined soul, and a motivated mind.
Happy New Year everyone!!! Hoping for greater things to happen this 2012! Let's all live life to the fullest and continue following and making our dreams happen!


Shayne said…
wow! super like...
pamella said…
hi shayne! thanks! happy new year!=)

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