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Who Says

Sometimes you just can't help but feel down and unpretty. So here's a reminder to myself and to all the other girls out there.

I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me.

Fallin' for Fall

With September coming in just a few days, fall is definitely just around the corner. And aside from the fact that fall is the best season, fall fashion is something I am looking forward to. Here are some of the trends my eyes are fixed into.
Black & WhiteStripes
All Black

New In: Shoes

And just this afternoon, I went back again to downtown to get that pair of shoes I laid my eyes on yesterday before it's too late. 

ZARA Trafaluc Black Pumps
89,000 won15,000 won

I've been wanting to buy a pair of black pumps and finally I got one! Really loving the structure and the suede texture. When I arrived in Zara, there were only two or three pairs left in my size.Whew! This pair has already the shortest heels among all the other pumps (shortest but I must say it's 4.3inches to be exact). Okay, with that heel height I'm just not sure how I'll be able to stand in it for a long time. Haha, guess I'll be needing some practice.

New In

It feels like ages since I last set foot in downtown on a Sunday afternoon. Haha! So yesterday, I devoted some time in roaming the shops. It's one of my stress relievers. Of course, I went back again to MIXXO. I was there for one and a half hours looking at every dress, every blazer, every coat, everything! Luckily, my time there was not wasted for I got to pick a dress and a blazer! =)

데코 투톤 원피스 (Deco Two-tone One-Piece)
69,900 won29,000 won

This dress, I haven't seen it in my last visit. Probably, the staff has just pulled it out from the stock room. Anyway, I am loving the color combination - deep blue, gray, and black. And the materials used are of good quality: the deep blue fabric looks like silk, the gray is somewhat like chiffon, and the black fabric is a thick one. I don't really know what to call it because I'm not familiar to the names of all the types of fabric, but just by touching, I know that that material is different from the other materials. The fit of …

On A Late Sunday Night

Sitting here in my room on a late Sunday night, soft music playing in the background....ah, this is life! But then again, when I think about it, tomorrow's going to be a Monday. And Mondays equate to work. But oh, might as well enjoy the peace and quiet here right now. So this is going to be just a quick and short post.

These past few weeks, I was so caught up writing the paper, I almost forgot about the other aspects of my life. In a sense that I was so focus and problematic with that paper, I tend to:
ignore what I look like in front of the mirrorsleep for three hours or less in some dayshave some breakouts/pimple attackpostpone and reschedule the Skype/chat time with my familydon't have plans anymore of how I'll enjoy my weekends And since I already submitted the paper to my professor, revised some parts (there's just a minor revision that still needs to be done, which I hope to finish this week) I am now ready to focus more on myself. I'll be putting up again a …

Acne...It's more than that

These past few months, I've been having acne breakouts again. And it's just frustrating. I'm already in my mid-twenties but I feel like I'm still stuck in the adolescence stage - hormones are at rage and pimples are popping here and there! Whenever my period is near, I get acne breakouts and when the next period comes again, I breakout again. Even though the acne from the first period hasn't healed yet, I have to face a new set of pimples again.

I've had acne since I was thirteen years old. Now, it's already been a decade (plus two years) but I still have it. Acne, some might say, "Oh, it's just a pimple." but it's more than that. It not only makes a person unpretty, it also robs him/her of confidence - confidence in one's self, confidence in dealing with other people, and confidence in facing life.
Acne, if you compare it to some serious diseases out there, it's just nothing but remember that acne has a deep impact on a person'…


Last Sunday, while I was strolling in downtown, I decided to explore MIXXO, a Korean brand of clothing for women. They also have intimates, bags, shoes, and accessories. So, it's definitely an all-around shop for women. I've been there before but I never really got the chance to look at their items. This time I kind of spent several hours admiring almost everything.

MIXXO has a lot to offer - from formal to business to casual attire! And I must say the clothes are of good quality. You can really see it in the fabric used, how it was tailored and how clean the seams are.
And guess what?  They're having an end of season sale! Well, almost all of the brand stores here in Korea are having an amazing SALE right now. And yes, I do love sales! I think one of the things I'm good at is buying good stuff from sales! Imagine getting that beautiful dress with a 50% off from it's original price! Who wouldn't want that? 

I bought a simple yet lovely H-line two-tone dress la…

The Legacy of Michael Phelps


Wishing They're Mine

Did a little bit of browsing in the Zara site and tadaaaa! The SALE is insane! 70% off (or even more for some items), can you believe that? Oh well, maybe I'm just a sucker for sales! Haha! Anyway, here are two of my most coveted blazers. I would really love to have them but I'm just not sure if they're still available in stores, especially in the Zara shop in downtown. The sale is already running for one month so it's possible that only a few items were left and the sizes available might be too big for me. But I'm hoping that I can still find them on Sunday. Or if not, maybe anything, any item, that would look great on me. Wish me luck!

What are the chances? What are the odds?..

...of  YOU and ME

A Deeper Appreciation for The Olympics and The Athletes

With the Olympics being in the news everywhere, I can't help but immerse myself in that newfound world these days. I am not an athlete but I'm gaining much interest in the Olympics. When I was a kid, I used to see it in TV but I didn't pay attention. However, now that I'm a grown up, I am seeing it in a different perspective. Watching all those athletes from all over the world compete with each other, it's just amazing! No doubt, they're the best of the best, creme de la creme of their respective countries. And reading all those articles in the internet about them: their stories, their dreams, their sacrifices, gives me all the more reason to understand how much discipline, effort, dedication, and hard work they've put into it and how their sports mean so much to them.
Being in the Olympics is already a big accomplishment but for most, if not all, winning the games and having  gold medals is the number one goal. Yes, I know. But then again, I think that a go…