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Be Inspired. Be Empowered.

It's a rainy Sunday evening and I just want to share a very inspiring video made by Michelle Phan.

Scrambling In Life

Lately I can't help but feel down. Self-pity has taken its hold on me. It seems like nothing "big" is happening in my life. I wake up in the morning, go to work, return to my dorm in the afternoon, sleep. Then, the cycle goes on again the next day. I feel like I'm stuck in this mundane way of living. But I have to admit, this is way better than not having a job at all.
A few months ago I was very enthusiastic about where my life is heading. I was confident of pursuing PhD somewhere in the United States. I was busy searching for schools and the requirements needed. And then one day, I just felt tired browsing all those university sites. The enthusiasm was gone. There were even times I was asking myself if I have what it takes to go to PhD.

Then, the thought of going to med comes to mind. But nah, I have to shrug it off. I'm already twenty six and it feels like too late. My batchmates have graduated already and are now preparing for their board exam while I, on the o…

Plains & Prints

Plains & Prints is another local brand that I love. It started in 1994 and has now grown into several stores all over the country. It's product line consists of good quality and stylish apparel for young women. Here are some of my favorite looks in their Pre-Fall 2013 Lookbook.
Plains & Prints Pre-Fall 2013

Omg, I would love to wear each one of them! ♥ 
I have to add, Anne Curtis (the model) is so gorgeous!

A Vintage Wedding

Every girl dreams of a fairy tale wedding. I used to be that hopeless romantic waiting for her prince charming to come. Then, a time came when I thought that I was tired being a princess in waiting for I am one independent young lady. But, deep inside my heart, I am still hopeful that someday, somehow, my prince would come.

For now, while our paths haven't crossed yet, I just want to share these lovely vintage-inspired wedding looks from BHLDN.

*Image sources: Click 123

Health Is Wealth

Recently, I can't help but feel like a weakling. Tumatanda na kasi. It's a Filipino expression referring that someone is getting oldMy bones and muscles are aching from my lower back to the extremities (arms and legs). That is probably due to the long hours of sitting while de-hulling rice grains. Crap, I've been doing that for two weeks already. The left portion of my abdomen also hurts. And at night, I wake up feeling that my heart is beating painfully slow. Two days ago, I had a bad case of tonsilitis after having a feast of vanilla and chocolate cream puffs. And now, I have colds. I really have to consult a doctor. ASAP!
Yes, I'm blaming age. But twenty six is still young, don't you think? Sometimes, I blame work. But at the end of the day, I realize that it's me and my lifestyle that's causing all these health problems. I am not an active individual. I prefer lying in my bed browsing in my laptop or phone than jogging in the campus. I prefer staying…

For the second half of 2013

Make a conscious effort to live a healthy life.
Eat right. Exercise. Sleep early.