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OverviewThere is a huge plot change for you this year, Capricorn. Your ruling planet, Saturn has been navigating the dark and fixed waters of Scorpio for the past two plus years, teaching you everything there is to know about deep feelings, letting go and resourcefulness. You've been putting a tremendous amount of energy into your career and life goals and committing to the long haul. This has served your career well. The only downside is that you've been a bit all work and no play, dear. You're so ready for a serious break and more you-time in 2015. Saturn will now spend the next few years in your sector of sleep, escapism and retreat. Cultivate as much time in your daily schedule for soul time, zoning out and tuning into your dreams as possible. This summer, Saturn will dip back into your house of goals and social networking between June and September. Use this time to finalize any loose ends or revamp any of your bigger schemes that still feel clunky. This year brings …

Say Geronimo!

My anthem for the season
Because I'm still trying to rise up amidst all my emotions.

Feeling of Emptiness

I guess my 2015 isn't off to a good start. I feel empty and left out. Sorry if I'm being a drama queen but that is what my life feels like these days. The emptiness comes from deep within. Another quarter life crisis? I don't know. Probably not. I thought I'm past that stage already. Besides, I'm already 28. All I want right now is to have a stable and happy life. But how? Sometimes I just wish that my "the one"/prince charming would come along, we would fall in love, get engaged, be married, and build a happy family. You know, the kind of stuff adult or mature people do. And then, I also dream of pursuing my goals, career-wise. I still dream of becoming a doctor. I still dream of doing that big MD-PhD thing in a world-renowned university. Or maybe I can do a PhD first, then MD.

Dreams, dreams, dreams.

Right now, I feel like I'm light years away from all of them.

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A year older and, hopefully,a year wiser.