Back to school again

In just a few days, a major change is going to happen in my life. Waaaaah! This is it! I'll be starting my Masters in Korea in March. But by next week, I should already be there to attend the orientation for international students. It seems like days just passed by so quickly. I'm excited but at the same time sad and nervous. Sad because I'll be leaving my family and nervous because I'll be staying in a different country for two years and I'm not sure how things would go. But I'm hoping that I would be able to do my best as a graduate student, that my professor and fellow laboratory mates would be good and kind to me, and that I'd be able to enjoy the things Korea has in store for me. Aja!

 Here's a preview of where I'm going to study. (source of the picture is here)


BABI said…
wow! sounds great! goodluck girl! :-)

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