Monday, September 26, 2011

Everything that is ZARA is ♥

So this morning, I once again explored the shops in downtown Daegu and there's no better way to start it off by visiting my most favorite shop, ZARA. I just love everything that is Zara. I usually go there at 12 noon. I think that's the best time for me since there are only a few people so I can really walk in every part of the shop and check every item that caught my eye. Since it's the start of fall season already, everything just screams FALL Fashion. (I forgot to bring my camera so the following photos were taken using my phone. Sorry for the poor picture quality.)

When the coast was clear, I tried to steal a picture of myself in the mirror. Haha!

There are four things that caught my eye...and captured my heart! But I'll just post only three since I can't find the picture of my favorite knitted dress.

1. teal, pleated scarf
    When I saw this, I felt like I was Rebecca Bloomwood when she found the green scarf, except this one is much better (in my opinion) because it's teal. I have never worn a scarf back in the Philippines. Obviously because of the weather. So this autumn, I just can't contain my excitement to wear one.

2. white, lace dress
   As I've told in my other post, I am starting to love everything made of lace- lace dresses, lace blouses, you name it. There's just a romantic feel to them. And they're so classy and feminine.

3. gray, double-breasted coat
    This one is really a must-have for fall and winter and I want it so freakin' bad. Haha! I tried it and all I can say is I love it! For several minutes, I was just just there standing infront of the mirror admiring the coat I was wearing, I took it off, put it back in the hanger and after sometime, went back, tried it on again, stared in the mirror, and admired it, which seemed like forever. In my mind, So this is what a model feels like. I feel like one now. Actually I didn't want to take it off. But I have to because I still need to save some moolah.

Here's a close-up of my much coveted coat.

Zara is definitely one of the best stores when it comes to fashion. However, I must admit their price is too high for me (as a graduate student relying on her allowance). But thinking more about it, the price is actually just right because the quality (the textile used, the way it was tailored, the fit) is not compromised. 

And thanks to Sale Promos I was able to buy two coats from Zara - one I bought from a store in the Philippines the other one, I bought here in Korea. Hmmm.. *wondering when will the next sale be*

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Here I am again

Here I am, sitting/lying in my bed, listening to some christmas songs. It just feels so peaceful. But in my mind, there are a lot of things going on...

After dinner, I decided to do some jogging/walking in the campus. The weather was perfect, it's already getting cooler. I tried the routes other than the ones I usually take. There weren't many people so it's just so nice to walk and explore other parts of the campus. And the inevitable thing happened - me pondering about my life. Once in a while, I do get into this stage. It's nothing new and I think other people also experience this (right?) but whenever this happens to me, there's something different, something special. I feel like I'm in a trance. The first thing that came into my mind is this, I am not getting any younger. I am approaching the point in my life where I have to become fully matured. Technically, I am already considered an adult - hello 24! And in a few months time, I'll be 25. Whew, time flies! But I still feel like I'm not yet matured, emotionally. 

Love is probably the word I am ignorant of. Well, let's be specific - romantic love that is. In my age, I should be in a relationship, enjoying the moment with my prince charming (boyfriend being the realistic term). But no! There ain't no prince charming. However, I must say I am enjoying the moment. But there's just me. Just me... No other one in the equation. One might say, "Oh how sad," but don't pity me. It's fine. Well, not very fine but I can handle it. I have learned through the years how to act in front of other people, especially the ones who are in a relationship. I have learned to convince myself that it's okay, that I'm still young, and that someday I will meet him. But reality check - I am not that young anymore and when will that 'someday' come, or will it ever come? Well, I hope it will still come because I want to know what love actually is.

P.S. Since christmas is just around the corner and I'm in an emo state tonight, might as well dedicate something to him

Monday, September 19, 2011

First ever climb (Juwangsan)

I'm climbing mountains figuratively but I never thought, in my entire life, that I'll be climbing a mountain literally. This is my first climb and reaching Juwangsan peak is really AMAZING! Actually, the climb itself - the energy you put into, the determination to pursue, and the sight of nature's pristine beauty - is such a great and very rewarding experience already. Bonus point is me being one of the first three people to reach the top. Wow, thank you God for giving me the strength!

with two of our lab's undergrads, GyuTae and YongGu

This activity, although physically demanding, has also enabled me to reflect on some things. Firstly, that nature is such a wonderful gift from God. From the moment we arrived in the area until we reached the top and then hiked back down, I was just in awe with the beauty of the surroundings, the mountains, the forests...everything!

Secondly, that there's just so much hardwork put by the people who made and build the trails. They all deserve a huge THANK YOU! It's kind of unimaginable how they're able to make trails especially on the difficult areas, such as the rocky cliff.

This is going to be one of my memorable moments here in Korea. And I also consider it as an accomplishment. My first ever climb - wow, I am just so proud and grateful!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I feel pretty unpretty

I'd like to share this from a Glee episode. I've been playing it over and over again since Sunday. I just love everything about it -the very meaningful song, the video, and of course, Quinn and Rachel.

P.S. I would love to have Quinn's lace blouse! I don't know but I'm starting to love clothes made of lace. =)

Chuseok (추석) celebration

Today is the second day for Chuseok (추석) celebration here in Korea. It is considered as a Thanksgiving event wherein people celebrate good harvest with their families and relatives. It's a three-day holiday and for this year, it falls from Sunday to Tuesday. Wow, THREE-DAY HOLIDAY! This, I must say, is my first ever long vacation since I arrived here (which reminds me that I've been staying here for 6 months already). And this is also my first time to experience buying groceries like there's no tomorrow (now that's an exaggeration but I did buy a lot) because they said that shops will be closed.

While I was in Homeplus, I also saw some Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes). These days, they say that only children (and probably some elders) wear hanbok during Chuseok. 

So, me as a foreigner, how did I celebrate/spent the first two days of Chuseok? Well let me include Saturday, the day before Chuseok because I also felt like it's a holiday since I didn't go to the laboratory. I was a total bummer during that day. I just lie in bed and watched movies and series and read other blogs. The next day, I was supposed to attend the 11am mass but I woke up late and when I arrived in downtown, I was already 30 min late for the mass so I just decided to go to the 2pm mass. But to my shock, I learned from a friend that there was no 2pm mass. And I felt really awful about myself for not being able to attend the mass. Hayyy... The rest of the afternoon was spent looking for the things that I will need- shoes, bag, shirt & jogging pants- for our lab's mountain hiking activity on Friday. I was able to buy a pair of Adidas running shoes, a Jansport backpack, and jogging pants. Oh my, better reach the top of the mountain since I just spent a month's moolah just for those things. In the evening, even though I was having a migraine, I still managed to watch some series. 

Next day came, which is today. Me and my friends went to a Korean friend's house to celebrate Chuseok with his family. And wow, we're such a lucky bunch because the family was wonderful and very accommodating-apa, oma, and grandma, and of course kuya Taek.

They prepared a lot of food and all I can say is 맛있어요 (delicious)!

After all the eating and drinking, we had some fun conversations with the family. Grandma, even though she's already old aged, was still very active. She worked in Japan as a nurse for 20 years so she knows the Japanese language. And we proudly said, "Arigato!" which is probably one of the few Japanese phrases we know. Hehe. And she's so sweet she even gave us ice cream! She also let us in in her beautiful room. Oma was the one who always serve the food after food after food. I think she did all the food preparation. She's kind and smiles sweetly and looks young for her age. Opa seems like a good and understanding father. Kuya Taek, even though it's his first time to meet some of us, is very friendly.

We, definitely, had a great time spending Chuseok with kuya Taek's family. Thank you so much apa, oma, grandma, and kuya Taek! 감사함니다!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Getting ready for the semester

The Fall Semester has officially started and I'm back to being a student again. Well, a student and lab rat I guess. Aside from my experiments, I'll be taking two major subjects, a paper study, and a Korean language class. I must say those subjects are nothing compared to my previous loads in UPLB as an undergrad but taking subjects while conducting experiments is a different thing. So to make my heavy-loaded and complicated life more organize and bearable, I'll be taking some important lifestyle changes.

Live a healthy life
  • Make sure to sleep seven hours a day. Yes, 7 is the magic number! 
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • As much as possible, don't skip breakfast.
  • Exercise during Saturdays or Sundays.
Be excellent in my lab works
  • Record! Record! Record everything being done in the experiment, even the mistakes!
  • Know what the process is all about.
  • Complete the tasks given, especially the papers, on time (or even before the deadline).
  • Learn to budget time. Avoid cramming. Make a schedule of the tasks to be done and follow it.
Be excellent in my studies
  • Read! Read! Read the reference books and work books.
  • Understand the lessons by heart.
  • For my Korean language subject, make sure to read the student book in advance.
Be more sociable to other people
  • is still thinking how to...

Wish me luck!=)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stressed out me

It seems like a very long time already since I last wrote something here and now that I'm back Blogger has surprised me with a new interface. And yes I tried it but then after only a few seconds I realized the new interface is not for me. I still prefer the old one.

My life has been in a whirlwind these past few weeks. I've been so busy with all the lab works, papers, and report...and there's even much more waiting for me in the coming weeks, err, months. Whew!
 image source

I'm not yet a scientist but I'm now beginning to feel what it's like to be one.

And with all the stress that comes along the way, there also comes the unforgivable acne invading my face. Pimples just keep on popping on every part of my face. One pimple gone, another pimple come. Oh my!

P.S. Hopefully, if things get better and I get a grip with my schedule I'll be able to post something more sensible and enjoyable to read at. But as of now, everything just spells S-T-R-E-S-S.

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