Sunday, March 27, 2011

After a hard day's work

My friend's adviser invited us to have some drinks after our lab work last Wednesday. Off we went near North gate and we had some soju, mekju (beer), and somek (combination of soju and somek) plus some sausage, korean food with soup (i forgot the name), and some chips. It must be noted that only here in Korea did I experience several drinking sessions in just one month (by the way, it's been one month since we arrived here). Back in the Philippines I only drink if there's a special occasion or celebration. But here, drinking is like a very casual thing. It's like part of their everyday lives. I'm not promoting alcoholism but one thing I like in the way Koreans deal with drinking is that at the following day they are back in their normal activities, back to work early, back in doing things professionally, like nothing happened the night before. They know how to have a great time without compromising their work. They work hard and party hard and get back to work...without the usual hang-over. Hang-over is probably not included in their vocabulary.

channeling the ever famous Korean pose

with a Korean undergrad student

Filipino students with Prof in the norebang
with my friend, her Senior, and Prof

had a great time with them

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Like a G6, fly like a G6

Had a blast last Wednesday night! After our Korean Language Class, me and my friends went to downtown, in the G2 club. Yup, it's my first clubbin' experience! Eventhough I don't know how to dance, still I enjoyed the night. At first it felt like a little awkward but later on I just went with the flow and moved to the groove.

great music + free cocktails + dance till you drop = FUN FUN FUN!

we weren't able to take some pictures inside the club 'coz we're kind of busy drinking, dancing, and enjoying, the pictures above were taken right before we went into G2. =)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Strolling around the campus

Before I start doing my review paper (pls be kind to me, you're giving me a lot of headache already) let me just post a few pictures. Me and my friend took them last Wednesday while we we're walking in the campus. We had a picture infront of the KNU Main Building (love it's architecture!). We'd also seen the booths of different student organizations. It's nice seeing them, it reminded me of the UPLB feb fair back in the Philippines.

P.S. Spring is just around the corner. I'm soOo excited for my first spring experience here in Korea.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A glimpse into my new world

It's been two weeks already! So fast! Before, I told myself that I would really make time in writing posts about my life here in Korea but it seems like time is not permitting me to do it now. I've been quite busy and whenever I arrived here in my dormitory, I just wanted to rest or watch TV or read other blogs, or better yet sleep. During weekends, I do my chores such as washing clothes, cleaning the room (good thing doing home chores here is easy as ABC, everything is automatic), and buying some groceries and other stuff. At this very moment, I would just like to share some pictures. Next time will really try to do a more descriptive type post.

at the Incheon International Airport

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Something white and cute

Since we only have one computer in the laboratory and since I'm using my laptop here in my room (sad to say it's kind of old and slow...I mean really, really slow), I decided to buy a new one. Yes! Happiness!

We ordered it this afternoon and hopefully we'll receive it by tomorrow. I'm so excited already!

P.S. I've always wanted to have a white laptop. Love it!

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