Sunday, October 27, 2013


What does it mean to live life?

Each one of us has our own answers but no matter what our answer is , there is a force encompassing all of them - the pursuit of happiness.

At this point in my life, my pursuit of happiness revolves around three things, things that I wanted to do, things that I dreamed of.

See the WORLD

Have an IMPACT

Meet my one true LOVE

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

To take the test or not?

I paid P1,900 thru bank deposit last Friday. In the form, it says Check your email after two banking days for your payment confirmation email. So I was expecting that I'll receive the confirmation on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. I didn't bother to check my mail yesterday but this morning, lo and behold, I saw the confirmation email (which was sent yesterday night).

In just a matter of one month I'll be taking an exam. I already took it four years ago but I didn't push through with my plan. Honestly, I am not confident right now. I haven't started reviewing yet (the serious type) because I've just left a miserable job and have just started a new work last week. I'm still recovering from the "trauma" the previous job has caused me and still adjusting in my new work environment. I actually wanted to back out and take the exam next year instead. But...maybe I should not delay this anymore. Waaah, one confused girl here! I just hope that if ever I decided to continue, I'll be prepared, calm, and collected on the day of the exam. Please help me God.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I have always wondered 
what it feels to be on the shore 
in a winter season.
Haeundae, Beach Busan, South Korea

*Picture taken by me.

Monday, October 14, 2013


Blog Header
This morning I did some tweaks here and there and viola, hello to my new [slightly modified] blog header! I'm not a techie person but sometimes a little change in the blog is a refreshing welcome. Same picture as some of you may know; I just cropped the sides, added a filter and an overlay of banner and text. Got the idea from here but I only used one photo editor, the picmonkey. Finally, a bigger and better header!

Goodbye Dear Molar
The dentist gave me two options: root canal treatment (RTC) or extraction. RTC is more expensive so I opted for extraction. Last Monday I had my molar removed. It was a bittersweet moment actually. I could have saved my tooth but what's done is done. I can never have my tooth back. After a month I'll be getting a bridge (a replacement for my molar, made of porcelain and will be cemented on my gums). I still miss my real tooth, though.

Independence Day
Another bittersweet moment: I had my despedida/farewell party in the lab last Friday. Bittersweet because I'll be missing my colleagues who have been supporting and giving me joy amidst all the chaos in my laboratory life.

Selfie? How about group selfie? Posing and smiling with my GTL family.

This is one big card! Each one of them wrote a message and it's really, really touching. Definitely going to miss them. They're not only colleagues or labmates, they're friends and family. They saw what I've been through in those difficult five months. They listened to me when I was down. They were there when I couldn't help but cry. They supported and gave me advice. They made me smile and helped me be strong.

New Work
When one falls down, one should learn to pick himself up and move on with life. An opportunity came and I'll be transferring to a new work. I have to admit, I'm still recuperating from a rough experience but I'm hoping to get my self-worth and confidence back. I'll be starting from scratch but I'm ready for this new phase of my life.

Hope things are going with well with you guys!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Saturday shopping: Folio dress

Hello October! Whoa, time passes by so fast!

So yesterday, I had my me-time walking and shopping in SM City Calamba. SM Calamba is part of the chain of SM shopping malls here in the Philippines. Malls are popular places to shop because it's like a One-Stop-Shop, everything you need, it's all in one building. It's very convenient and it's fully air-conditioned (imagine shopping outside with the humid and hot weather? No, please.). SM Mall of Asia (see previous post here) is my favorite but I cannot always go to the city so the solution is: the nearest mall in my area.
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Unlike SM Mall of Asia, SM Calamba is much, much smaller. But it's okay. There are still quite a lot of shops to look to.=)

I did my usual sightseeing first before buying anything. I always look first at all the stuff. Then, I saw a pretty white blouse in the mannequin. I checked the rack but the blouses are in sizes bigger than mine. It happens that there are also dresses in the same fabric. So, I tried them on. By the way, if there's one piece of advice I can give regarding buying clothes, it's that you should always fit/try on the clothes first because what looks good on a mannequin or what looks good on display doesn't mean it will also look good on you. On the other hand, what looks plain or boring on display doesn't mean it will not look good on you. The key is the right fit.

Being a girl that I am, I can either be an impulsive buyer or someone that takes her time(this can  be a long time actually) to decide whether she will buy a piece of clothing or not. I was even thinking of maybe just buying it next time but when I learned that the dress of my size is already the last stock, I decided to buy it right at that moment. Hehe! One of the biggest regrets a shopper can have is not buying the thing that she likes then going back to the shop to buy it only to find out that it's already gone.

So here's the white dress from Folio. I always go for the simple and clean-cut dresses. What I love most about this dress is the textured fabric with small floral patterns. I always wanted to have a white dress, so this one fits the bill.

Now here I am again, the dilemma - Where to wear the dress? Haha! I love buying dresses but I'm just not sure when and wear I'll be wearing them. A wedding perhaps? Geez somebody please invite me to attend a wedding. Haha! =)

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