Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Goodbye To You

It was the holy week. I was supposed to go home last Thursday but, unfortunately, the buses were full. I had no choice but to go back. So the whole time, while people were already with their families attending church and processions, I was just stuck in the apartment, having a grand four-day vacation...cleaning my room, washing clothes, and learning to cook (hard boiled egg and tortang talong). 

Anyway, one thing that I enjoyed was being with my labmates on Wednesday night. We had a farewell dinner for one of our colleagues that will be transferring to a new company. Because he did not experience attending JS prom during high school, our first plan was to recreate a JS prom night. But it's kind of expensive to rent gowns so we just wore simple dresses. Oh, we also had those pokemon ears, which I might say, is so cute!
Of course, there's the cake! Farewell. God bless. -from all the girls you loved before. How sweet is that?
 That cake is for that tall guy standing on the right side in green polo shirt and pikachu ears!

Here's a must - a family picture of all the people in Plant Pathology Lab.

After having dinner, some serious and funny goodbye messages, and a "Farewell To You My Friend" serenade (yes, we serenaded him!), we decided to go to another coffee shop. Full stomach deserves a cup of coffee or tea. Hehe! 

He told us he doesn't want the night to end. And I think, each and everyone of us also felt the same way.

To that very neat and organized guy, to that gentleman, to one of the most kindhearted people I've ever met, thank you and I... I mean, we will miss you.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Trip: Pandin Lake

Last Sunday was spent in a serene environment that is Pandin Lake. It was one of the seven lakes located in San Pablo, Laguna. Together with my friends, we hopped on a jeep from the city proper of San Pablo going to Pandin, which is just several minutes away. When we arrived, we did a bit of trekking leading to the lake. And the moment I saw it, I felt like all the exhaustion from walking under the blazing sun was all worth it. We were welcomed by the fresh breeze, luscious greenery, clean waters, and warm and friendly locals.

While waiting for the boatmen to arrive, we had some fun taking pictures while on a bamboo raft. 

We then transferred to another bamboo raft. Here's picture with our two boatmen in the background setting up our food.

When we arrived on the other side of the lake, we stayed under the shades of the mangroves. Oh, and look at how green the water is! 

Sitting on the raft and gazing at the beauty of Pandin was indeed a very relaxing experience. Hope I can go back there again soon. =)

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