Friday, February 25, 2011

Born this way

It's been five days already  since I arrived here in Korea. I wanted to write a post about it but I'm in a rough patch right now. So I'll just share this video of Maria Aragon at the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

'Born This Way' is really very inspiring and with my situation right now, this line is 
definitely for me: 
You're on the right track baby

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back to school again

In just a few days, a major change is going to happen in my life. Waaaaah! This is it! I'll be starting my Masters in Korea in March. But by next week, I should already be there to attend the orientation for international students. It seems like days just passed by so quickly. I'm excited but at the same time sad and nervous. Sad because I'll be leaving my family and nervous because I'll be staying in a different country for two years and I'm not sure how things would go. But I'm hoping that I would be able to do my best as a graduate student, that my professor and fellow laboratory mates would be good and kind to me, and that I'd be able to enjoy the things Korea has in store for me. Aja!

 Here's a preview of where I'm going to study. (source of the picture is here)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts all over the world

For most people, Valentine's day is a very special day but for a few (including me), it's just a typical day.I just do what I usually do. However, it became special when evening came. I had a date! Yes, a date with the very special people in my life- my family. My mom brought some food. We had spaghetti, burgers, and cake. We ate together, all of us, my grandmother, mama, papa, brother, and even my aunt. It's definitely a special, wonderful day! And it made me realize that Valentine's is not just for couples or lovers, it's also for families and friends. It's a celebration of how much we love and how we are loved by the people around us.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

F21 is ♥

Last week, me and my friend went to a mall and look at what we found- a Forever 21 shop in Manila! I've been looking at its facebook site for sometime now and finally I've seen it in person. It's really a haven of great girly finds! Oh, they also have items for men.

Every corner, every part of the store is filled with fashionable clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories. Time was not wasted. We looked and checked the items that caught our attention. I wanted to take pictures but I was just too busy looking at the pretty stuff. In the end, I bought a shirt dress which will surely be a staple in my wardrobe.


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