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Dreaming of this And yes, Stem Cell Research is my dream research. I can still remember the moment I first encountered it - it was in a seminar conducted by Dr. Samuel Bernal and I was just a third year university student back then who was unaware that a field like that really exists. Oh my, wish I could apply (or have the guts to apply) someday. And if ever I'd be accepted, that would be so, so, so AMAZING!

But as of now, I need to live my life here in Korea. To be honest, sometimes I feel so tired already and I just want to go home and relax. It's just work, work, work, and never ending work here! I miss enjoying my life with my family and friends. I miss having my "LIFE".

By the way, I definitely need a breather. So my friend and I are planning for a trip tomorrow in Apsan Park. Hopefully, we'll have a great time seeing nature in its autumnal glory.=)

Messed up me

OMG! It's been a very long, long time since I last wrote something here. Actually I have planned to write some entries but I just couldn't do it, and it's like - so [many] entries, so little time, or better yet, NO time. tsk tsk! I am such a terrible blogger. I told myself, "even just one entry a week" but failed. These past weeks, I am a very busy bee in my small world called the laboratory. And this coming week, this I consider my dreaded week because I'll be having my reporting on Friday. And everything is still a mess. And all I wanted to do is this T_T cry like a baby. Talk about stress. So yeah, just droppin' by here to pour out some emotional crap I am undergoing right now.

I also want to share this amazing song, Take Heart, my inspirational song of the moment.  Take heart. Hold on to hope and take courage again.
P.S. Hope to write some good stuff, the great things and trips I had experienced when the reporting's over. I badly need a miracle wit…