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Love stories

The second month of the year is already here. And when we talk about February, there's one major thing that comes to mind - Valentine's Day! Even though I'm still stuck in the world of singleton, I do hope and pray that someday, somehow, I'll meet that one special person God has destined for me. But for now, since my own love story hasn't started yet, I'll just let myself be "kilig" with the love stories of other people.

The following video shows the wedding of the lovely couple, Cheska Garcia and Dough Kramer. It was filmed by Jason Magbanua, a famous wedding videographer in the Philippines. OMG, all I can say is that his works are really, really amazing! And this one is no exception! 

I am loving the gown of Cheska. It's not your typical white wedding gown. It's very fashionable, classy, and elegant. It's perfect for her. And oh, she reminds me of Blair Waldorf. Wish I also could wear something like that on my big day.

Of course, a wedd…