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Because I Miss Fashion

ZARALookbook  (April 2013)

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Bullying happens everywhere

Just when you thought you're done with the bullies you met in school, you realize  that bullies also exist at work. 
A sad reality: Bullying happens everywhere. It can happen among kids, teenagers, and even among adults. They say maturity comes with age but it doesn't apply for everyone. They say maturity comes with experience but it also doesn't apply for everyone. Sometimes, people who are older than you, people who are more experienced than you, people whom you expect to teach and lead you are the ones who bully you.

The past three weeks (which is also my first three weeks at work) has been an emotional roller coaster ride. Seriously, it felt like three months already. Every day I wake up thinking of what will happen. Will my immediate supervisor talk to me in a loud voice again (to the point of scolding)? Will he point my mistakes over and over again? Or will I be spared from his moody personality for even just one day? It's difficult to live in a situation like tha…

Just Give Me A Reason

Two passionate and amazing singers.
One song.
One word. Perfection.

Realizations on my first day at work

First days are one of the hardest and most awkward moments. Remember your first day in kindergarten or in grade school? Your first day in the university? Your first day at work?

I finally got a job and yes, today's my first day. Okay, so this post is just going to be short. I just want to share what my immediate supervisor told me.

"I will not spoon-feed you. And since you're a researcher, I will expect more from you."

His words felt like big weight has been placed on my shoulder. But hey, I should not let those words put me down.

I'll do my best to excel in my craft but I will not let it hinder me from enjoying life. 
Learning is a process and I will take it one day at a time.