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Tadashi Shoji Pre-Fall 2016

Fashion will always be my happy pill. A new favorite designer I've recently discovered is Tadashi Shoji (see his website here). I am, in particular, eyeing the Pre-Fall 2016 collection. Being a type of person who's not a fan of over-the-top designs, I really appreciate that this collection is simple yet full of intricate details, feminine yet doesn't show too much skin, full of blacks but rich hues are also added.

(all images are from Tadashi Shoji's site)

Blues and All That Jazz of Grad School Pursuits (More of Blues Though)

It's a cold and gloomy and rainy Saturday morning and I am sitting here in a coffee shop listening to some Christmas songs being played in the cafe's speakers. Gosh, Christmas is just a few weeks away. In other words, the year is almost over but I am still here. It's as if I am still in the same place when the year started. There's no major breakthrough whatsoever. A lot of the people I know are already living their dreams but here I am. At this point in my life, I have only dreamt of one thing - that is to get into graduate school, do my PhD, and be a full-pledged scientist. It's very frustrating when I feel like I have already done so much but all my efforts seemed futile.
I remember, at the start of 2016 (literally on New Year's Eve), I began emailing professors inquiring if they have an available PhD position. A word of caution, it's not a good idea to do what I did. Do NOT email professors on a holiday! For the next couple of months I've been lookin…
Another one added to my (future) wedding playlist!♥

But, seriously, my life is currently full of stress right now, this song/cover is one of the few reasons that keeps me a little bit less anxious.