Lovely Spring Sunday

After several months of bittersweet, cold winter...spring has finally come! Happiness! I am loving the warmth of sunlight, the flowers in bloom, and everything that spells SPRING. My Sunday afternoon was spent capturing the beauty of this new season--

clear, blue skies

clean, flowing river

cherry blossoms in full bloom

brightly colored flowers

willow trees lining up the path

fun-filled kids

people with their loved ones

I must say spring is giving me that feeling of new energy, of things being brought back to life after a long time of just being dormant. 
Have a wonderful spring everyone!

For my To-Do's in Spring: Unwind in the park - checked & will still do this more =)


Shayne said…
perfect! i love ettttt... :)
pamella said…
hihi! thanks girl! =)

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