Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Awakening: The Beauty of Duryu Park

It’s so refreshing to take some time off and just enjoy the beauty this new season brings. And there’s no perfect time than on a beautiful Sunday in an equally beautiful place, the Duryu Park. 

I have always loved the parks and other recreational areas here in Korea – their scenic views, clean environment, rich, historical temples and art galleries, and of course, the people strolling around simply enjoying the moment and awakening their senses this spring.

I have a feeling this post is going to be quite long and full of pictures. So prepare yourself...But seriously, I really had a lot of fun yesterday and I consider it as my reward to myself after all those times just being confined in the four corners of the laboratory.

Going back on the beautiful Duryu Park, me and a friend also went into the Daegu Culture and Arts Center (which is just beside the lake). There's probably an event for there were many girls in ballet costumes. And I spotted this lovely girl in red practicing her ballet skills.
And then, in another hall, the Exhibition Center, were sculptures and paintings. One can see that creativity, dedication, and hardwork were all put into every work of art. I may not be in the field of arts but I have such huge respect on the artists who are passionate in their crafts.

There is still so much more to see in the Exhibition Center but we only got to the first floor. And the whole park is so big, I still haven't seen the other parts of it. Well, it just means, "all the more reason to go back to Duryu again!" =)

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