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Something to lift my spirits

I just want to shut myself off from the world. Everything seems complicated. The older you get, the more you have to think and do something about your life or maybe people expect you to be like that or maybe it's just the way it is. And then, here's the worse part, the more you will have to deal with people. I'm better off thinking and doing something about my life but dealing with people is just not my thing. I'm an introvert for as long as I can remember. And I don't think it will ever change. I'm not into socializing and I'm not after befriending every people I meet. But here's something I'm proud of, I have a few friends...very few, but I know that with them I found genuine people who know and understand me. I miss them. But right now, I just have to live my life in solitude. My life has been amazing, definitely amazing but I think I am here at this point where I need to take a breather and just free myself from worries about the future, about w…

Twenty Six

Finally, after several nights of going home late (or in other words: in the wee hours of the morning after all the labworks & paperworks),  I am now sitting here in my room on a Thursday night, on the eve of my birthday. Tomorrow's going to be my 26th year on this planet. Yes, you read it. Twenty six. Is it just me or time really flies fast?I just couldn't believe it. Where should I put it then? Past mid-twenties or maybe last phase of mid-twenties. Oh well, at least it's still in the range of mid-twenties.

Of all my birthdays, this is probably the one where I can say I look and feel old. The past few days, whenever I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn't help but see some physical signs of "being old" - crow's feet, wrinkles, acne marks, dull skin, and sometimes, tired eyes. Or maybe, instead of using the term being old, I'll just have to use "being mature". No doubt I am no longer in that awkward, teenage part of growing up. I have…