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Saturday Shopping Haul

Finally it's a weekend! Spent the whole Saturday strolling in a mall. It's my first time to go back to the city since I arrived here in the Philippines. A little bit worried because I'm all alone but thank God everything went well (had a safe bus ride going to the mall and back to my place, didn't encounter creepy passengers, and enjoyed checking all the stuff in different shops).

SM Mall of Asia or simply MOA, I have to say is my most favorite shopping haven of all the malls/department stores in the metro because of the following:
It's area is so vast but I love the fact that it's only two floors and the orientation of the shops are not confusing. The ceiling is really way up (I hate places with low ceilings, sorry SM department store in Mega).The hallways are very wide. This helps me choose which way I want to go to avoid the many groups of mall-goers.There are a lot of international and local brands to choose from. Yey!Every door from the main mall has a shop…

Favorites: Prints and Shift Dresses

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Change Is Constant

When I was a kid I felt that days, weeks, months, and years go by slowly. So slow that I want to hurry growing up. But now that I've grown already, everything has completely changed. Look at the calendar. Yes, time definitely flies. It's June and we're already halfway through 2013! Whew!

A lot of things have happened over the course of the past five months. From living in Korea to moving back here in the Philippines; from being a graduate student to being in the workforce again; from experiencing and loving winter, spring, summer, and fall to once again experiencing and loving/hating that summer-all-year-round feeling. To be honest, it's hard to adjust to the changes that happen in our lives, especially if you're comfortable to how your life used to be, butchange is the only thing constant in this world. You have to accept it and learn to live with it.So yeah, let's just say that I'm starting to embrace it now...little by little.

How about you?Are you ready…