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Saturday Shopping Haul

Finally it's a weekend! Spent the whole Saturday strolling in a mall. It's my first time to go back to the city since I arrived here in the Philippines. A little bit worried because I'm all alone but thank God everything went well (had a safe bus ride going to the mall and back to my place, didn't encounter creepy passengers, and enjoyed checking all the stuff in different shops).
Hello MOA! We meet again! (image source here)

Top view of the 42-hectare SM property (image source here)

SM Mall of Asia or simply MOA, I have to say is my most favorite shopping haven of all the malls/department stores in the metro because of the following:
  • It's area is so vast but I love the fact that it's only two floors and the orientation of the shops are not confusing. 
  • The ceiling is really way up (I hate places with low ceilings, sorry SM department store in Mega).
  • The hallways are very wide. This helps me choose which way I want to go to avoid the many groups of mall-goers.
  • There are a lot of international and local brands to choose from. Yey!
  • Every door from the main mall has a shop locator and a person with whom you can ask your inquiries.
  • And lastly, it's proximity. It's the nearest mall from the bus terminal.

So now, I'll be sharing the things that I got. =)

1.Laneige Lip Treatment, SPF 17
Presenting the Tint Pink Lip Treatment. I also made a swatch.

Laneige is a South Korean skin care and cosmetics line. See previous post here. The first product that I used was the Water Bank Gel Cream back when I was still in Korea. I love it because it moisturizes my combination skin well during the winter season. Since then, I've been wanting to try other Laneige products. I was initially eyeing a lipstick but since my lips are chapped, the sales lady had me tried on the Lip Treatment. It's like a lip balm + lip tint with SPF 17. Again, I love how it moisturizes my dry lips and gives a touch of color (I chose the Tint Pink) and, of course, how it protects my lips from the sun. I also tried the red one (included in my must-buy next time) which gave a more natural color.

2. Laneige Snow BB Cream, SPF 30+ PA++
I've been using BB cream for almost two years now. I've tried lots but the one that works well on my skin is Holika Holika's Face to Change BB cream (maybe I can make a review sometime). Unfortunately, Holika Holika hasn't opened a shop yet here in the Philippines.

Nowadays, there are so many brands of BB creams in the market but I still prefer the ones from Asia (particularly South Korea). Since I was already in Laneige, I also bought their Snow BB Cream in No. 2 shade (Natural BB). The lighter shade is No. 1 (Brightening BB). It's product details include: 1) Moisture protective seal, Liquid Crystal Essence and 2) Smart and Advance BB Cream with whitening, anti-wrinkle, and UV protection. I love the latter (anti-wrinkle, etc.) but the former (moisturizing) I'm just not sure because of my combination skin (oily T-zone and normal surrounding areas) and it behaves badly especially in this hot, humid weather. Well, I have yet to see the results. Hoping it will work out fine.

Aside from the products, there's more to love when you buy in Laneige (or any other Korean brand), they give you lots of gift items (in sachet packs) to try on! Can't wait! I even requested the Water Bank Eye Gel because I am in desperate need of a weapon for my crow's feet.

3. Petit Monde Dress
Petit Monde is a Filipino clothing brand of good quality and reputation. Petit Monde started in 1988. Wow, I'm just a year older! The description in their site says,
Started in 1988, Petit Monde aimed for one thing: to provide the regular Filipino teen trendy options to dress up the way they want to - no frills, no pretenses, no pomposities. Just comfortable and stylish numbers that speak about their generation...Petit Monde also brings it up on themselves to grow up with the teen market with whom it all started by coming up with labels that cater to young adults, and chic yuppies. 
The first time I got a Petit Monde clothing was when I was 10 years old. It was a hand-me-down playsuit from my older cousin. What I remember was the beautiful old rose color, the feel of the fabric, and the pearl buttons. Sadly, I only wore it once or twice maybe because I was still in that phase where I choose baggy pants and loose shirts over girly clothes. The old days! Now, after 16 years, I got my second Petit Monde item.

It was a beautifully crafted dress. Here's the story: Actually, I have no intention of buying a dress. For some reason I found myself in their shop, looking intently at every item. It's nice that their clothes are grouped according to color. I was in the cream stand when I found a dress. It may sound exaggerated but it's like love at first sight. I really like the dress - the simple cut, the artistic design, the luxurious feel of the fabric...

The sales lady said it's also available in another color. She showed me the blue green version and it was definitely lovely. I was talking to myself, convincing myself not to buy. Hehe. I was pleased just staring but the sales lady suggested for me to try both dresses. The blue green in small size and the cream in medium (since it's out of stock for small). Surprise, surprise! The blue green fits perfectly in all the right places! The line, "It covers my flaws and emphasizes my assets." really applies. Haha! From the shoulders, to covering my stomach, up to the hem line - it's just perfect! Even the sales lady agreed and said lots of good things. So in the end, with a paper bag in hand, I walked out of the shop as happy as I can be. Teehee!

Here's a better picture =)
Being in my mid twenties, I am now starting to invest in pieces of clothing that are of good quality. Pieces that are classic and timeless. And this one goes right into my collection. Although this may be the priciest among all the dresses that I have so far, I can say that every penny is worth it. =)

More pictures of my new favorite clothing shop.

And of course, I had a pic together with the friendly and beautiful sales ladies. Well, well, well, I will definitely go back to Petit Monde and get that privilege card!

Now, the question is, when will I wear this dress? To my friends, please get married now! Haha!

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