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Hello September

Because in just a few hours in this side of the world where I'm in, we'll be welcoming a new month...

September and the coming months will definitely be moments of hard work, courage, faith, and that of chasing one's dreams.

So yeah, let's do this!

*picture taken by my friend, Shayne
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Getting Old

You know that feeling when one day you just woke up realizing you're getting old? Yeah, in other words Life happens. But seriously, that's what I'm feeling right now. I'm twenty eight and when I look in the mirror, I can see that physically, my features aren't the same as they used to be. My skin looks dull, uneven, and oilier than it was a few years ago. My pores are so large. My crow's feet are so pronounced. The one thing that remains the same is probably the presence of acne. But unlike acne/pimples that one has during the teen years, they are now called with a different name - adult acne. I'm still using the medicated creams from the dermatologist but I just don't like how they peel off my skin and makes it thin and red and patchy. I have yet to look for a product that will help clear my acne and at the same time restore the condition of my skin. Think of anti-aging products that also combat acne.

Moving on, I can also say that I'm getting old …

Note to Self

Enough of the bad vibes. Instead, focus on the things  that truly matter.

3101 Bonding

The first day of August was spent with these lovely ladies. Ten years ago we met and became roommates in college. And even though we're in different places and professions now, it's nice that we still manage to meet and catch up. I just feel so lucky I got to have friends like them.

Cheers to a decade of friendship!♥

Gorman Winter 2015

I've always liked simple, classy looks but sometimes a little experimentation wouldn't hurt. It's important to explore and look at some ideas outside of your comfort zone. As for me, that would be a bit of quirky prints, patterns, and colors here and there. A new discovery from Australian label Gorman, Gorman's Winter 2015 collection pretty sums it all up.

*All images are from Gorman's website.

Fashion Favorites

Note: This was supposed to be last night's post. While writing, I decided to just rest my eyes (you know closing it for just a short time) but sleep got the better of me. Hihi.
Yay! Finally, it's Friday! The whole week is just about the, work, work. So excitement really kicks in when Friday comes. Although there's really not much happening in my life right now, I'm just happy that my weekends are spent as my "me-time". I can do whatever I want, be it sleep longer, clean my room, do the laundry, meet friends, stroll in the mall, or just lounge in my room. I'm not that sociable (I honestly feel my social skills are lacking) so I'm really not into doing activities which involve a lot of people (e.g. parties). Anyway, after letting my problems out in my previous post, I just want to share some of my favourites when it comes to fashion.
Printed skirts
Lace dress
Maxi dress

White & blue combo

Shift dress & Coat 
I miss wearing this type of o…