Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fashion Favorites

Note: This was supposed to be last night's post. While writing, I decided to just rest my eyes (you know closing it for just a short time) but sleep got the better of me. Hihi.

Yay! Finally, it's Friday! The whole week is just about the, work, work. So excitement really kicks in when Friday comes. Although there's really not much happening in my life right now, I'm just happy that my weekends are spent as my "me-time". I can do whatever I want, be it sleep longer, clean my room, do the laundry, meet friends, stroll in the mall, or just lounge in my room. I'm not that sociable (I honestly feel my social skills are lacking) so I'm really not into doing activities which involve a lot of people (e.g. parties). Anyway, after letting my problems out in my previous post, I just want to share some of my favourites when it comes to fashion.

Printed skirts

Lace dress

Maxi dress

White & blue combo

Shift dress & Coat 
I miss wearing this type of outfit. Adding a coat really makes a big difference. 
Hoping that I could live once again in a place with four seasons. =)

Disclaimer: The first two photos are not mine.

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