Friday, October 22, 2010


Last year, I started doing a list of 'Things I want to do'. This enabled me to reflect on my life, on the dreams that I dream, on the great things I encountered and would want to encounter in the future, and a lot more. And I think that this special list deserves a place here in my blog. Well, here they are!

Study medicine and become a good doctor --and be like Dr. House. Haha! Yeah I know he's an unconventional, out-of-this-world type of doctor. But he's a genius! Oh well, seriously speaking, I have always dreamt of becoming a doctor but reality bites. Read on here for my ramblings about studying medicine.

Review and understand (by heart) Genetics and Molecular Biology. This has always been my favorite field. It's just so amazing that scientists are discovering the molecular aspect of life. And let's just say that little by little, I'm getting there.

Walk barefoot in the rain. It's a shame that in my twenty three years of existence, I haven't experienced what it's like to feel rain drops falling on me. As a child, I was not allowed to go out, even if my brother and playmates were already enjoying the rain, because I easily get cough and colds. But now that I'm a grown up, I definitely wouldn't miss a chance to feel the rain on my skin.

Learn to swim – And I'm proud to say that I'm learning it now! I started attending swimming lessons last August. The picture above shows our first session and there I was,swimming using a kickboard, which I consider as my lifesaver. As of now, I can swim on my own but I still cannot do the freestyle properly. But hopefully I'll be able to master it, along with the other swimming strokes. 

---the first three pictures come from the google search engine

Still many more to come!☺☺☺

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