Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A glimpse into my new world

It's been two weeks already! So fast! Before, I told myself that I would really make time in writing posts about my life here in Korea but it seems like time is not permitting me to do it now. I've been quite busy and whenever I arrived here in my dormitory, I just wanted to rest or watch TV or read other blogs, or better yet sleep. During weekends, I do my chores such as washing clothes, cleaning the room (good thing doing home chores here is easy as ABC, everything is automatic), and buying some groceries and other stuff. At this very moment, I would just like to share some pictures. Next time will really try to do a more descriptive type post.

at the Incheon International Airport

on our way to Deagu

me and my friend's first breakfast in Korea

witnessed a beautiful sunrise while in the bus

finally, we arrived in our dormitory

with my fellow Filipino Master's students

after the orientation for international students

candid shot

love this bridge

having some street food experience

baskin robbins cake!

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