Monday, June 20, 2011

One sem down =)

The semester is finally over! Yeah! Things happened quite fast. I can still remember the moment we arrived here. And now we're done with one sem! Let me just describe it briefly, it's a sem full of adjustments - meeting new people, experiencing winter and spring seasons for the first time, learning the Korean language, and of course all other things Korean (food, drinks, lifestyle). Whew! So I just want to share some pictures of our sem-ender celebration in my Korean Language class.

And after that, Aurora, our French classmate, invited us to go clubbin in G2. It was fun, fun, fun. But there were some mishaps that happened. I blacked-out (probably because of too much drinking, by the way the drinks are free!), fell down, and hit the locker, and the next thing I know, I had a bloody face. Uh, thanks G2 for a memorable, first time black-out experience.

And now, it's already summer! I really want to shout it out loud, it's SUMMER guys! And right now, I'm in the laboratory but my mind is off somewhere, dreaming about the perfect summer vacation in my country, the Philippines: the clear blue skies, the fine white sand beaches, the diverse sea creatures and coral reefs, the tall coconut trees, the mouthwatering and refreshing tropical fruits (mangoes, watermelon, pineapple, etc.). Ah what more can you ask for? I want to go home! Haha! I wish but then, even though there's what we call summer vacation, we, graduate students must still work in the laboratory.
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Anyway, last Saturday, we had a dormitory transfer, from Myeonhak-gwan to Hwamok-gwan. It's actually the third dorm that we stayed in since we arrived here. First was in Hyupdong-gwan where we stayed for only a couple of days, then Myeonhak-gwan for the whole sem, and now Hwamok-gwan for summer and hopefully for the rest of my stay here in Korea because it's really damn hard to transfer all of my things from one dorm to another. It took me and my friend one hour, seven times of going back and forth carrying our stuff all by ourselves. It took us three hours to finish cleaning every dust (literally) in our new room. We're just very unfortunate because it seemed like the former occupants did not clean the room for several months. Oh well, I suddenly had an adrenaline rush to clean every single spot in our new room. After all the cleaning and unloading of our stuff, it's time to enjoy our new room. Homey, homey!

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