Sunday, December 30, 2012

Two Days Before 2012 Ends

Gosh, with all the  things running in my mind, I suddenly have no sense of time and even forgot what date it is today (which also happens to be the wedding anniversary of my parents) and that tomorrow will be the last day of the year already! 2012 went by so fast. Whew! Okay, so as much as I wanted to have an organized blog entry, this one would consist of some random thoughts so please bear with me.

I spent Christmas - my last Christmas here in Korea - in the solitude and comfort of my room. I was down with cough and cold. Too bad I wasn't able to attend the mass in the morning. The only thing that made me happy was my skype session with my family the night before. Guess what? I was even in the lab when we were talking. Anyway, by mid afternoon, I was feeling so all alone I decided to go to downtown and got myself a Christmas present... Hello The Perks of Being A Wallflower! 

I love the movie so I realized I needed to get my hands on the book. When I feel so stressed out already in revising my manuscript, I read The Perks. I really like the characters of Sam and Patrick (sociable, very outgoing, with no care on what other people may think of them) but I feel like I'm more of a Charlie-esque type of person (introvert and often finds himself thinking about things instead of participating in life). As of now, I'm halfway with the book. At first, I really felt I was reading a book made by a high school student. The writing is, you know, so high school. But as I read from one page to another, I got the answer. The author has captured the spirit of the book's character who is writing to his 'friend' even though he doesn't know him. And as I go on, I'm beginning to get to know and understand Charlie.

This afternoon, I watched Les Miserables all by myself. It's my first time to go solo on a movie theater. It's weird but it's also liberating. The movie itself, it's like 98% singing and 2% talking in a normal way. What should I expect? Of course it's a musical! But I was really hoping there were more dialogues spoken normally. But I should really say the actors were all so good! Singing and acting full of emotions? Well done!

Two days from now, it's going to be a new year. Can you believe that?! 2012 will be gone and 2013 is here to stay! Have a blessed and amazing 2013 everyone!

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