Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fashion Favorite: Santana's Milly Dress

Spent the Saturday, as usual, here in my room. I was supposed to go home early in the morning but since I wasn't feeling well, I decided to just leave tomorrow. So there, with the rainy weather, I was once again a bummer. Dug out my old downloads and watched some episodes of Glee. 

I was never a fan of Santana. Her character was the typical popular, sexy, mean b*tch. But as the show progressed, it was revealed that even though she's a tough chic on the outside, she also has a soft spot on the inside. Dear friends, she also has a good heart. 

When it comes to fashion, Santana definitely knows the perfect way to accentuate what she got. Seriously, this girl has curves at the right places. She loves to wear body-con dresses and you know what? It's perfect! In the last episode of season 4, Santana wore this gorgeous MILLY Davina Honeycomb Mesh Dress. She had worn it way better than the model (must be because of her gorgeous body and Santana's oozing sex appeal).

The dress - the design, shape, color - six words... I love it, I want it! 

Now, here's to wishin' I also have that body as gorgeous as Santana's. Haha! Just kidding. I have to say, I still love my body, even though it's petite and thin.  Gotta love your own!

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