Thursday, August 14, 2014

I'm Back

Hello blogosphere! It's been such a long time but I'm glad I'm back once again. =)

Almost a month after the wrath of Typhoon Glenda, which resulted to several uprooted trees, damaged establishments and electrical posts, absence of electricity for almost two weeks in my area, unstable mobile signal and internet connection, things are starting to go back to normal. And I just feel thankful and blessed that me and my family and friends are all safe.

These past few days though, I find myself pondering on my dreams. If you've read some of my past posts (including my first entry...gosh that's four freakin' years ago!), you'll have an idea that I'm somewhat still not sure on what to pursue in life. I just hope I find the answer soon because I'm not getting any younger. Anyway, I'll be leaving you guys with this - something to remind us about our dreams.

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