Friday, July 17, 2015

NAST Conference

Since today is a holiday, I am just here spending the rest of the day in my apartment. It's the perfect time to rest and, well, do some general cleaning later. Haha! Geez that's my life these days. There's not really much happening but let me share some moments of last week's event that me and my colleagues attended. The 37th Annual Meeting of National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) held at the Manila Hotel. It's a two-day meeting filled with talks about non-communicable diseases - the topic for this year.

Setting aside the technical aspect, let's proceed to fashion. In case you notice, I finally get to wear the Mango dress I got on sale! Yipee! Imagine my excitement wearing it because I only get to wear dresses on very few occasions.

I paired it with a black blazer and heels and my trusted conference bag. If you've seen my other posts on the previous conferences I attended, you'll always see this bag. It's because I really bought this bag for the purpose of attending such events. As I learned through the years, it's important to invest in good quality bag, shoes, blazers, and dresses when you're attending conferences/seminars/meetings. I still have to find slacks and blouses though. But personally, I prefer wearing dresses and blazers.
dress - Mango
blazer - Forever 21
bag - Charles and Keith
shoes - Figlia

Even though it's wet outside, the rain couldn't stop me from checking the pool and of course, taking a picture. 

By the way, during this time, the Philippines has just experienced two typhoons in one week. So it's raining hard for several days and the classes were suspended. Good thing, the typhoons were not that strong.

Here's a picture I took while inside the car, listening to some good music while looking at the rain outside. Well, hello there rainy season (tag-ulan in the local language).

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