Thursday, September 1, 2016

Trip to Baguio (Part III)

Finally! Here's the continuation of our second day in Baguio.

So after dropping by at The Mansion, we headed to Mines View Park. It's also one of Baguio's famous tourist spots but, in my opinion, it really doesn't stand out compared to the other places we've been to in Baguio. But anyway, what I love about it is that there are lots of plants on display, err, for sale.

These succulents captured my heart!

And then, there's also this beautiful, delicate carnation.
My mom got these flowers (pictured below). We call it "everlasting" because it takes a long time for them to wilt. They can last for up to several months!

We also spotted some kids having a picture taken with a huge and fluffy Saint Bernard dog. 

And another kid sitting on a horse. Look at the smile on his face!

And I wondered what it felt like. I've never ridden a horse before, let alone be up close to one. At first I was really, really excited but then I felt kind of nervous I wanted to back out. And this situation happened several times! Haha!
But in the end, I went for it. Here's a picture of me sitting on a pink horse. I was smiling but deep inside I was kind of nervous the horse might run and we both plunge into the deep located just a few meters away. (Note: In the picture below, beside that tree, it's already a cliff.) But, thankfully, none of those bad thoughts happened and all went well.

The afternoon was spent at Camp John Hay. It used to be a military reservation of the US army, now it's a touristy area with hotels, shops, and cafes. There's also a golf course and the ground is filled with agoho trees. It's a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city proper.

Located inside Camp John Hay is the Choco-late de Batirol. I found good reviews online so we checked it out. We had some snacks and different flavors of hot chocolate. But I have to say it's overrated and a bit pricey.

Before leaving, we found a good spot nearby and decided to take some photos. Solo shots, group shots, jump shots, wacky shots, blogger name it! We had so many photos but posting them all here will take a lot of space. Haha! So here are just some.

All in all, I think we covered a pretty much number of places in exploring Baguio for two days. It was tiring but fun nonetheless. And more importantly, I get to spend time with my family.

By the way, hello September!
You've come pretty fast.
Please be amazing! =)

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