Friday, December 30, 2016


After a day of hopping in and hopping off in buses and going to different places, a well-deserved and hearty meal is a must for a tired traveler like me. For my second and last night in Busan, I had dinner with my roommate, a fellow solo traveler who is from France.
doing some saranghae pose the shop owner taught us

She is a vegetarian and I, well, I was craving for bulgogi (meat). She had soup and veggies while I had some chit chat with the shop owner bargaining for this and that. In Korea, if you go to bulgogi restaurants/canteens, there is a minimum amount of meat you can order. But since I was the only one eating bulgogi, that minimum order was too much for me. I think that minimum order can serve up to three people. After some discussion using my rusty Korean speaking skills, we came to an arrangement. In the end, I paid 20,000 won for my order. If I convert that to Philippine peso, it's about 1,000 pesos...Yes, 1000 pesos for just one meal! It's way expensive for me but then again, I was in Korea, so I'll just let it pass.
Having too many meat and being a slow eater, it took about two hours for me to finish (and I still got a few leftovers). But it's also nice because I got to talk to my newfound friend. We talked about so many stuff, from our personal lives to our perception of Korea and Koreans to politics. Since she only had a very light meal, we went to a nearby restaurant. We, then, continued our conversation over a glass of mekju (beer). And hey, I seriously missed the beer in Korea! It's light and refreshing.

It's almost midnight when we decided to go back to the guesthouse. It was a beautiful day indeed - being able to see Busan and meeting a newfound friend!

P.S. We exchange some phrases in our local language and I learned something new, French is so difficult! I don't know where they get a particular sound and how they execute it. Is it from the throat??? I know I sound silly but French is just a different level of speaking for me. Anyway, Bonjour!

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