Dreaming of a leopard print coat

I know it's already spring but suddenly I found myself dreaming of a leopard print coat. While browsing one of my favorite blogs, The World Looks Red, I saw a picture of Laura wearing her Zara leopard coat (see picture below) and these two words perfectly describe her look, simply gorgeous!

I must admit though that I never really had an interest in animal printed things before. I thought that animal prints were tacky and would just ruin an outfit. But I was wrong. Now, my perception has changed completely (talkin about 180 degree turn). There's something special about animal prints: it's like confidence and glamour combined. Oh, now all I want is to have one. 

Here's another picture of my much coveted leopard print coat:


And since I'm so into animal prints now, I would like to share some other great animal print finds from other bloggers:
Saucy Glossie

Late Afternoon


Hopefully, I'll be able to find that perfect leopard print coat and wear it in the coming winter season.=) Haha, I'm so excited already!! Can't wait!


KANI said…
been really loving leopard lately as well!<3 hope you find that coat for you!
pamieness said…
thank you kani! good thing i still have more time to look for that coat (and it's still several months to go before winter). =)
AVY said…
Hope you find it, and tell us when you do!

http:// mymotherfuckedmickjagger.blogspot.com
pamieness said…
thank you avy and maddalena! i really do hope i'd find one.

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