Saturday, April 9, 2011

Must-Organize-My-Life 101

From now on, I'll try my best to avoid what I always do - CRAMMING. Even though I know I'm good at it (based on experience), I cant deny the fact that there's just so much stress that goes with the whole 'cramming' process. Let me count the ways err describe the stages:

  1. Worrying Stage - upon learning about the task, one becomes worried on what should be done to complete/accomplish it
  2. Floating/Getting stuck Phase - also known as being 'easy-go-lucky'; one is doing nothing about the task  because there is still so much time before the deadline
  3. Worrying Stage (again) - after sometime, one realizes that the deadline is fast approaching (it can be just a few days away) and that the task should be acted upon, and then becomes worried and nervous. These questions are always popping in his/her head: How should I start? Will I be able to finish it?
  4. No-Sleep/Do-it-overnight Phase - one starts doing the task at the last possible moment (in my case, I usually start doing it the night before). In this stage, the person experiences adrenaline rush. He/she becomes so focus in doing the task and losses track of time and suddenly hears the crowing of rooster at the break of dawn (this one literally happened to me)
  5. Overjoyed Phase - after completing/finishing the task, one feels very fulfilled in having been through it all. It feels like being able to do a huge accomplishment. It's like seeing a rainbow after a dark, long, heavy downpour of rain.
Cramming is like a roller coaster ride: it starts in a slow, calm way and suddenly you're already freakin' out, but at the end of the ride, it's like "OMG! I did it!" It's very rewarding, but at the same time, very, very stressful. Now, I'm determined to get out of this roller coaster ride. I want to know how it feels to be on the right track of accomplishing things sans the stressful environment of cramming.

P.S. Hopefully I would learn how to budget and use my time well.=)

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