Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring is here

Spring is now here. Yey! The weather is starting to become great - not too cold, not too hot. Just right. And of course, if it's Korean spring we're talking about, the first thing that comes into mind are cherry blossoms. They are the perfect representation of this season.

I am now in love with spring! And with these beautiful cherry blossoms!

Just a few days ago, the plants were still brown and lifeless but now they have transformed into full blooms. It's amazing! And I really like the feeling of walking along rows of cherry blossom trees, looking and admiring the beauty of the flowers . It's magical, dreamy, and romantic. There's something very special about it.

row of cherry blossom trees near the cafeteria

*All pictures taken by me. =)


Anonymous said...

lovely pictures! xx

pamieness said...


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