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Thoughts On The Day I Would Say I DO

Weddings are one of the most special occasions a couple celebrates. It's a moment where they are unified in the eyes of God and man. It is witnessed by their loved ones, whether family, friends, or even colleagues. For some, it's probably a major milestone in life. Thus, it's an event where major preparation is also involved. I'm not an expert on wedding preparations but I heard that a couple must devote at least six months for it. One year puts you in a safe zone maybe. There are so many things you need to consider: wedding dress, photographer & videographer, entourage, flowers, cake, venue, food, music, etc. No wonder some couples even hire event's organizers to help them out. And with all the wedding preps also comes, well, financial charges. If you want a grand wedding, most probably you'll need to spend a lot. And by a lot, I mean hundreds of thousands of pesos (some even up to millions).
So far, I have attended three weddings of friends. I don't wa…

Remember to...

If you find it hard to pursue what you really want,
will you still push through with it or just settle
to the field you're in line with?

Monique Lhuillier RTW Pre Fall 2016

Monique Lhuillier's Ready To Wear Pre Fall 2016 collection has got so much for everybody - from trendy dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, to formal gowns. There are outfits that scream fun and loud when it comes to colors while others are sophisticated and classy and delicate. Below are my favorites: 

Monique Lhuiller's website and Vogue

On Weddings

Last December, I witnessed two of my friends tie the knot. Here are some moments during the reception:

Since the reception was held up in the mountain, we decided to take some pictures on the way. And well, I also became a photographer in an impromptu prenup photo shoot of my friend and her fiance.

I guess my late twenties is all about attending weddings. One by one, my friends are starting to get hitched and it's just nice to witness the love they have for their partners on their special day. While I, on the other hand, is still single, I can say that I'm fine. And I know that one day, it'll be my turn. ♥


Time definitely flies! Hello to my last year of being a twenty something. So glad I get to spend this special day with the people I love, my family.♥

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Never Give Up

As I sit here, I am currently having a migraine but I already took a medicine so hopefully it'll get better later. They say the new year is the start of something new. But really, I just feel like I'm stuck. My life feels like on hold. All I wanted and wished for last Christmas and this new year is to get into a graduate program. I'm not even thinking about being in a relationship even though most of my friends are getting married already. Entering grad school and starting my PhD is my number one priority. I have already sent two emails to profs and one has replied already. Negative. I'm still waiting for the other. I still need to look at other other profs and their research. And I wonder how many emails it'll take me to land a lab. Looking into a graduate program seems pretty easy but I tell you, it requires a lot of time and energy and involves a lot of stress. As much as I wanted to have a good and happy start of 2016, I just feel frustrated. But then again, I …

Hello 2016

And just like that... 2015 has already ended!
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