Saturday, January 30, 2016

Thoughts On The Day I Would Say I DO

Weddings are one of the most special occasions a couple celebrates. It's a moment where they are unified in the eyes of God and man. It is witnessed by their loved ones, whether family, friends, or even colleagues. For some, it's probably a major milestone in life. Thus, it's an event where major preparation is also involved. I'm not an expert on wedding preparations but I heard that a couple must devote at least six months for it. One year puts you in a safe zone maybe. There are so many things you need to consider: wedding dress, photographer & videographer, entourage, flowers, cake, venue, food, music, etc. No wonder some couples even hire event's organizers to help them out. And with all the wedding preps also comes, well, financial charges. If you want a grand wedding, most probably you'll need to spend a lot. And by a lot, I mean hundreds of thousands of pesos (some even up to millions).

So far, I have attended three weddings of friends. I don't want to compare but I have to say they are beautiful in their own way. One of the benefits of attending other people's weddings is that it helps you build your own dream wedding. I say "build" because you probably have an idea already of what your dream wedding would look like and attending other weddings helps you see some practical aspects, such as which videographer has a better same day edit video, which caterer has better tasting menu, which make-up artist does a better job, so on and so forth.

For my part, I have always wanted a solemn and intimate wedding. However, I used to dream of wearing a gown. For example, just like that gown that celebrity wore or a gown made by that designer. I wanted to have a gorgeous ball gown. In short, I wanted my wedding to be simple but at the same time gorgeous (the irony!). I even have pictures of the wedding dresses that I like, flowers/bouquets, and reception. But through time, as I witnessed the weddings of my friends, I have also witnessed the stress that they had. And it made me realized that now, what I want is
  • still a solemn and very intimate celebration. As much as possible I only prefer our immediate family members to be there as witnesses and maybe a few friends.
  • Instead of a gown, I prefer a simple yet beautiful wedding dress where I can move freely because a gown as gorgeous as it looks also means your movements are restricted.
  • A simple au naturale makeup  made by myself. Though I still have to learn how to do it because this gal is not well-versed on that side of the universe. Makeup artists prefer to do heavy makeup because they say it translates to a beautiful look in photos and videos but I want my future husband to see me as me and not some lovely, full of foundation bride.
  • I have always loved nature and open space so I want my wedding to be by the lake, where you can see a body of water and also some hills, and green plains (pretty much like the image above). But being Catholic, weddings are usually held inside churches so I'm still not sure how that would go.
  • I also want a cool yet bright weather and spring time would be perfect.
  • The reception would only be a simple dinner where we can eat, drink, and talk to each other without all the formalities of a typical wedding reception. Singing and dancing are optional. Haha!
I can probably go on and on, but I guess I have to stop here because I have yet to meet my future husband. So to you guys who are probably reading this, I think you'd be surprised that some girls already have a dream wedding on their mind even if the groom hasn't arrived yet. Or maybe you already know that girls are like that because GIRLS. Haha! So to cap it all off, I just want a simple, intimate, not too stiff wedding where I can be with the man I love, where we can profess our love for each other in the eyes of God and our family, where we can truly just be happy and enjoy every moment of it. 

Image source Scott Surplice Photography. If you want to see his wonderful works, you can visit his Instagram page here. Seriously, this guy has so much talent!

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