Sunday, January 3, 2016

Never Give Up

As I sit here, I am currently having a migraine but I already took a medicine so hopefully it'll get better later. They say the new year is the start of something new. But really, I just feel like I'm stuck. My life feels like on hold. All I wanted and wished for last Christmas and this new year is to get into a graduate program. I'm not even thinking about being in a relationship even though most of my friends are getting married already. Entering grad school and starting my PhD is my number one priority. I have already sent two emails to profs and one has replied already. Negative. I'm still waiting for the other. I still need to look at other other profs and their research. And I wonder how many emails it'll take me to land a lab. Looking into a graduate program seems pretty easy but I tell you, it requires a lot of time and energy and involves a lot of stress. As much as I wanted to have a good and happy start of 2016, I just feel frustrated. But then again, I also remind myself not to lose hope. My inspiration at these trying times is Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. She joined Miss Philippines in 2013. She was one step closer from the crown as the 1st runner up. She joined again the next year but she was only in the top 15. And in 2015, for the third time she tried again, and she finally won and became Miss Philippines. It took her three times. She never gave up. And look at her now. She is Miss Universe!

One day you will get through this.

One day your dreams will become a reality.

Just remember to never give up!

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