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At present, I have this strong desire to get out of my comfort zone. And what will it be like? I see myself holding a one-way ticket, flying off to some foreign land where not one single soul knows me. It's a fresh, new start. The canvass is clean and I can paint it with any color that I want. I can be whoever I want to be, try things I haven't done before, meet new people, and experience a new culture. I can be an apple-picker or a bartender. Or someone at the counter of the coffee shop. Or maybe even someone who owns a coffee shop. You name it! And then, I'll be exploring the countryside and the city and everything in between. I'll be someone from the Eat, Pray, and Love book (except that it's not gonna be a romantic love).

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Another Blow of Quarter Life Crisis

It comes and it goes. And it's too familiar...that feeling when everything around you isn't falling into place.

Not so long ago, I dreamt of becoming a doctor. But I've given up that dream and, instead, just focused my energy into getting into a PhD program. These past few months, I've been applying to several grad programs. However, until now, the odds aren't in my favor. I guess my background doesn't fit quite well with what I wanted to pursue. I guess nobody believes in my capabilities.

I guess I'm also starting to-- not believe in me.

Aside from that, I have also realized that for several years now, I've been praying for someone special to come into my life. Someone who will swept me off my feet. Someone who will love me. But I guess, that someone is in a faraway land. So far that it seems it's impossible for us to meet. Or maybe, that someone doesn't exist at all. Maybe some people have their love story, others don't. And I belong to th…

Ho Chi Minh City Museum

This girl is in need of some travel adventures. So in the meantime, let's go back to my Vietnam trip, shall we?

We started the third day visiting Ho Chi Minh City Museum. On our way, we passed by Ho Chi Minh City Square. The night before, it was full of people (see post here) and in the morning after, it was a completely different sight.

It seemed like me and my friend we're the only ones in the square. So we took advantage and had some photos taken again. Haha! And aside from the peaceful atmosphere, I also observed how clean the area was even though there were lots of tourists and locals during the night. So, two thumbs up to the people assigned in maintaining the cleanliness of the square!

After a short walk, we arrived at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum. It was not that big (only two floors) but I had a great time checking the exhibits and learning the Vietnamese way of life during the olden times.

Outside the museum, there's a lovely garden. We stayed there quite a bit be…

On Grad School Applications (so far)

Hello March! Looks like 2016 is gaining its pace. We're already at the end of the first quarter of the year! So, here's just a little update about my life. Well, actually there's really not much happening, no adventures whatsoever. It's just me mostly thinking and doing some things with graduate school applications (#gradschoolapps). And at the moment, I'm still inside the tunnel. The end, the future rather, looks so bleak. The application process, which involves the following steps, feels like never-ending:
looking and researching grad programspreparing the requirements for online applicationwaiting for the resultsreceiving the (dreaded) resultsembattled/feeling downmoving on/starting all over again with other grad apps; and ultimatelybeing accepted in a grad program (which I'm still waiting to happen) I'm always just in step 1 to 6 then back to step 1 again. I already received three rejections, which I can also equate to being heartbroken. It's like I …