Resolutions for 2018

Hello 2018! You've come so fast and it's already the 3rd day of the year!!!

Just dropping by to share my resolutions for this year.

Disclaimer: These things may sound easy and very basic but I feel like I've been neglecting them for such a long time already.

Now that I'm getting older, I really want to focus on living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Drink 2 Li of water everyday
  • Be mindful of proper posture (eg. sit up and stand up straight)
  • Have 7 to 8 hours of sleep everyday
  • Cook healthy meals more often
  • Spend less time facebooking and instagramming...but
  • Blog more (compared to 2017)
  • Meet new people in person and make friends
  • Spend less and save more
  • Be organized
  • Avoid procrastination and cramming

 Hoping that we all have a wonderful and blessed new year! 

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