Sunday, January 7, 2018

Life Updates and Social Media Fasting

I have always wanted to change/update the layout of my blog but I never got the chance to do it...until yesterday. Surprisingly, Blogger has new themes (though I feel like they've been here for quite a while now, I just hadn't explored them). I actually wanted to get a customized theme from the sellers out there but for now, I'm fine with this Blogger theme.

Anyway, on other life updates - Someone just turned 31 three days ago! Thirty one!!! I, actually, don't know how to react. It was just a normal day at work. I only told my birthday to one person in the lab. It was also hidden from facebook but there were a few who greeted me on my wall and in messenger. In the afternoon, it was nice to find a muffin with a birthday candle on my table. Apparently, the only person who knew it bought it and told two of my colleagues. They greeted me a happy birthday, I get to make a wish and blow the candle, and we talked about getting old/being matured.

So to start with my resolutions with regards to spending less time on social media, last night I deactivated my facebook and instagram and left another app. I also uninstalled them in my phone just so I wouldn't be tempted to login in them again. These are all, of course, just temporary. I just wanted to feel what it is like living without them, like the way life used to be, because sometimes it can be suffocating. And I also just want to just focus on more important matters (e.g. writing my project proposal) and basically, just to declutter my life. Let's just say I am currently having a social media fasting.

Here's a TED talk discussing the things, social media-wise, that I am aiming for this year. So if you're also interested, have a look and maybe you'll also get inspired.

And another goal is to write more here. 2017 got the all-time low in the number of blog entries so I'm hoping I get to do a better job this year.

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