Sunday, January 7, 2018

12 Things To Do This Year

Since this is the start of the year, aside from my new year's resolutions, I also wanted to make a list of things that will make my 2018 special. I've been here in Germany for five months already and I feel like I haven't really explored much this very own city that I live in. So, the plan is to make or do something new every month.

Here's it is (in no particular order):
  1. Join a city tour and learn a thing or two about Cologne
  2. Visit a museum (or several museums) and immerse myself in art and/or history
  3. Watch a musical (preferably in English)
  4. Watch a German movie
  5. Watch a live concert of my favorite artist/s
  6. Eat in a restaurant serving German cuisine
  7. Join a sports activity
  8. Enroll in a German language course
  9. Go to a vineyard
  10. *still thinking of what to put here*
  11. *still thinking of what to put here*
  12. *still thinking of what to put here*

P.S. Will update this once I have some ideas for numbers 10 to 12.

-Day 1 done for my social media fasting. Been checking my phone from time to time but there's really no notifications to check. Let's see how far I will go.

-Also, another big goal for me this year is to pay off my credit card debt, the target time being the first quarter of this year. I'm hoping to welcome the spring season debt-free.

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