Monday, May 16, 2011

the ZARA encounter

If there's one store that I really like or in my top list, that would be ZARA. And fortunately I found a store in downtown Daegu. Happiness! I can still remember my first ZARA encounter. And this happened last year as I was looking for a coat for my stay here in South Korea. Well, even before that, I can say that I'm already an enthusiast for a long time because I often find myself browsing its website. I adore it's classic yet timeless appeal. It's simple yet elegant in its own way. Sophistication has many facets and I think ZARA is able to bring out the sophisticated style in one way or another. Everything is lovely and just right.
ZARA shop in Daegu

I'm proud to say that the first thing I ever bought in Zara in the Philippines, my favorite coat, is also one of my best buys.  It fits me well and it was of great use when I arrived here (hello winter season!). And I got it one sale! I couldn't be any happier!

With my new discovery, the Zara store here in Daegu, I'm hoping to be able to dig its finest treasures. More encounters to come perhaps. =)

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