Sunday, December 11, 2011

Two weeks before Christmas

It's already December! Well, the first week of December has passed already and it just means that it's only two weeks before christmas. Yeah, you read it right. TWO WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! And people must be busy already doing some christmas shopping, attending lots of christmas parties, and of course, going back to their homes in the province to spend this wonderful time of the year with their family. And here I am, as usual, with lots of things to do in my experiment and since it's already the end of the semester, there are some requirements that need to be submitted. So honestly, I really can't feel that christmas is approaching. Hello, what happened to my world? I haven't even started buying gifts for my family. And I'm broke (moolah, where art thou?) because I've allotted my allowance for the deposit in the apartment. And I'm not going to spend this christmas season with my family because we're oceans apart. And it's just sad...a sad one indeed.

Last year, I was like this:

our group's Christmas dinner

our lab's Christmas party

with Tita Ofel during our dorm's Christmas party

with my family during Christmas

I definitely enjoyed everything that happened to me last December. But now...okay, enough of my rants. I really must get myself back into the christmas spirit. Oh well, it's not yet too late. I should start somewhere. So probably next, next week (when my deadlines for reporting and submission is already finished plus the transfer to the new place) I'll be able to start focusing on all things related to CHRISTMAS.

By the way, Happy Birthday JESUS!=)

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