Sunday, December 18, 2011

New place. Happiness!

I am not yet finished unpacking and organizing all of my things but I just can't wait to write something about the big move...well moving into a new place that is. I am sitting here on my bed, tired and sleepy already but I just can't contain the happiness that I'm feeling right now. Yesterday, me and my friend moved in to our new place. And the night before, it took me more than five hours packing and I never thought I'd be accumulating so much things/baggage here in Korea. I arrived here with two big bags but now all my things are in those two big bags, one big box, two small bags, and several paper bags (coz I forgot to buy another big box). Whew! I even ditched some of my things (several pairs of shoes, some hand-me-down jackets & coats, and a never-been-used thrifted coat) because I seldom use them and my storage box and bags don't have enough space to accommodate them. I feel sorry and sentimental about them but for the sake of moving, I need to let go of them (haha! now I'm sounding dramatic).

I am very thankful for the two Korean undergrads who helped me and my friend in moving our things. From the second floor (good thing we're not on the fifth floor), we moved our things to the first floor, infront of the dorm. They carried the big and really heavy things while we carried the paper bags and other not-that-heavy bags. And it's like adrenaline rush. Everyone was carrying bags or boxes one or two or three after another and in just a few minutes, everything's done. And we even had some pictures taken. And our fellow Filipino friend also came to help.

We had a cart ready to transfer the things from the dorm to the goshitel but I never expected that the owner of the goshitel would even come and help us and provide a free transport. Our things were put in his car and he drove us to the goshitel! Weeee, aren't we so lucky?!? The move, which I thought would be difficult, was made easier by the people who all lend a helping hand. Thank you, thank you very much!

Being a girl who have lived half of her life in dormitories, in bad ones and good ones and with always a roommate/s, it's such a breath of fresh air to have a  room all to myself and to have everything I need (well, almost) in it! I have always imagined what it it's like to be in a room just on my own. And now, it is happening! A while ago I took a few pictures (my things are still a mess, sorry, but soon I'll organize them all) and I even took a picture of the hallway and the elevator.=)

One of the good things about the buildings here in Korea is the that security is indeed a priority. The doors of buildings and rooms have a digital lock, wherein you'll have to enter a passcode to unlock it. No more keys needed. And for the main door of our goshitel, you'll just have to either enter a passcode or scan a security card and viola! Another good thing about goshitel, there is a common kitchen, with a provided rice cooker, microwave, water dispenser, refrigerator, bread toaster, and my most favorite, free coffee from the mini vending machine and free bread plus strawberry jam. And since it's already midnight, might as well go and get some coffee and bread. Weeee! I super love this place! It's my home away from home.

P.S. while me and my friend were cooking dinner in the third floor, we met two Korean girls and they were just so friendly and sweet and even gave us some tea and noodles and an orange.

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