Sunday, August 12, 2012


Last Sunday, while I was strolling in downtown, I decided to explore MIXXO, a Korean brand of clothing for women. They also have intimates, bags, shoes, and accessories. So, it's definitely an all-around shop for women. I've been there before but I never really got the chance to look at their items. This time I kind of spent several hours admiring almost everything.

What caught my attention? The simple and classy outfits of these mannequins

Walking in, I was greeted with several beautiful pieces of clothing.
MIXXO has a lot to offer - from formal to business to casual attire! And I must say the clothes are of good quality. You can really see it in the fabric used, how it was tailored and how clean the seams are.

And guess what?  They're having an end of season sale! Well, almost all of the brand stores here in Korea are having an amazing SALE right now. And yes, I do love sales! I think one of the things I'm good at is buying good stuff from sales! Imagine getting that beautiful dress with a 50% off from it's original price! Who wouldn't want that? 

I bought a simple yet lovely H-line two-tone dress last Sunday. From 59,900 won to 29,000 won. Yay!

And this beautiful piece - a pleated, chiffon dress - which I got yesterday. From 39,900 to 29,000 won. But in the E-shop, it's already selling at 19,900 won. Had I known earlier, I would have just purchased it in the E-shop. But it's okay, no regrets.

So there. Actually, I'm still eyeing several other dresses. Maybe I still need to buy two more. I'm planning to wear all of them in my much anticipated event in October. I was so proud I even showed the two dresses to my mom thru Skype. I got a thumbs up from her but she then told me this, "You'll still wait for two months before wearing them? Where will you put them?" I told her in the cabinet. And she said, "Oh, they'll just sit in your cabinet for two months?" It made me laugh.Poor dresses. But as of now, they just really have to wait until October comes. Hehe.

For more information, visit (though I suggest you use a translator because the site is in Korean)

P.S. I'm really trying my best to score some good finds before the sale season ends. Who knows how much the prices will go up again when the new season comes?


Shayne said...

girl ikaw na ang ngshopping! ang cu-cute! :) let me see pag sinuot mo.. :)

pamella said...

hihi! thanks girl! =)

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