Monday, August 27, 2012

New In

It feels like ages since I last set foot in downtown on a Sunday afternoon. Haha! So yesterday, I devoted some time in roaming the shops. It's one of my stress relievers. Of course, I went back again to MIXXO. I was there for one and a half hours looking at every dress, every blazer, every coat, everything! Luckily, my time there was not wasted for I got to pick a dress and a blazer! =)

데코 투톤 원피스 (Deco Two-tone One-Piece) 
69,900 won 29,000 won

This dress, I haven't seen it in my last visit. Probably, the staff has just pulled it out from the stock room. Anyway, I am loving the color combination - deep blue, gray, and black. And the materials used are of good quality: the deep blue fabric looks like silk, the gray is somewhat like chiffon, and the black fabric is a thick one. I don't really know what to call it because I'm not familiar to the names of all the types of fabric, but just by touching, I know that that material is different from the other materials. The fit of this dress in the model is quite different from mine. Maybe the model is really tall so the dress is way above her knees. In my case, the dress is just slightly above my knees. But it's okay. Actually, I think it's still perfect.

솔리드 매니시 재킷 (Solid Maenisi Jacket)
99,000 won 29,000 won

Omg! I got a blazer from 99,000 won to 29,000 won?!?! Up to now I still can't believe how lucky I am! Usually, you can not find a blazer here for that very low price. Blazers range from 40,000 won and up. And those at the bottom price are still not of good quality. But this blazer? I am definitely loving the quality! Although I don't exactly know the fabric used. It's somewhat rough to the touch but not as thick as wool. You really can't see that in the picture but I really, really love it! The only drawback is the fit. I'm just not sure if it looks good on me, particularly the shoulder part. It's already a size S but that's always my problem whenever I pick a blazer (the fit in the shoulder). Oh well, when I wear that, I'll just put more confidence and a big smile on my face instead of thinking about the fit. Haha!

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