Sunday, September 30, 2012

Down with a flu

were on the same boat =(
While the whole Korea is celebrating 추석 (Chuseok), here I am stuck in my room, down with a flu. Last Thursday, I thought I was getting better because the sore throat was less painful. However, come Friday, I was coughing so hard, my nose was clogged, my body just felt so weak, I had headache and was feeling feverish. I didn't go to the laboratory and just stayed in my bed. It was like the longest day and night of my life. You know, the life of being sick. It's so hard, especially the fact that I'm away from home. All I ever wanted in that moment was to go home and be with my family because nothing beats the experience of being sick in the comfort of your home, with your parents taking care of you. Ugh, I miss them so much. We had a chat yesterday so it made things a little bit better. Right now, I am still taking a rest and slowly recuperating.

So you guys, let us all take care of our health. It's when you get sick that you get to realize the importance of being healthy and being able to do the simple things (which you don't really think is a big deal, like being able to go out of your house, having a walk, etc).


Shayne said...

get well soon pami! drink a lot of water.. :)

pamella said...

salamat shayne! grabe ganun pala ang trangkaso. define no energy. bed rest and literal na nasa kwarto lang ako for four days. yup, increased liq intake, yan din sabi ni mama at papa. kaya bonggang water tapos honey lemon tea. hihi. thank God ok ok na ako. =)

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