Sunday, October 28, 2012

10th International Congress on Plant Molecular Biology

I've been waiting for this event for several months and now it has finally happened. I am really thankful and it's definitely an amazing experience to be able to listen and learn from the brilliant minds all around the world.  They're not only good in explaining their research but I really see the passion that they have in what they're doing. They're such an inspiration.

I was also able to meet my former boss and other scientists from IRRI. The scientific community is indeed a small world.

And of course, I got to explore the beauty of Jeju (even though around the conference site only). The weather was just perfect and we're so lucky the International Convention Center is just located near the coast.

Attending this conference and seeing the scientists from other parts of the world is truly an honor. I really wish I could be like them in the future.


Shayne said...

Just who is this pretty pretty girl? I love the Hair! so much! :)

pamella said...

teehee! thanks shayne! =)

Shayne said...

girl ang ganda ng red na blouse mo san yan nabili? bat kasi ang init nmn dito, corporate na corporte ang look. love!

pamella said...

shayne sa Gmarket (online). eto yung site may international shipping din sila, di ko lang alam kung magkano rate. =)

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