Sunday, September 2, 2012

On -Ber Months, Seasons, and Life's Journeys

It's already past midnight but here I am. Yes, I'm back to being a night owl. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be able to go back to my 12 o'clock sleeping time. So now I just want to share a big shout out, "Hello -BER months! Hello Christmas!" Because as we all know, when September comes, it'll only be a few months before Christmas. Yey! Oh and I must include, "Hello Autumn!" The other night, while walking back to my apartment, I realized something was different...the presence of a cold wind blowing through my face.

Summer has ended and autumn is now on it's way. I guess I'm really going to miss the four seasons. My whole life I've been living in a place with only wet and dry seasons and a hot and humid temperature all throughout the year. So being able to experience winter, spring, summer, and fall is such a wonderful thing.  It all started last year and now it's my second autumn experience and probably the last here in Korea since I'll be graduating in a few months time. Gosh, time passes by so fast. Everything happened like it was just yesterday.

When I first started this journey - this chapter of my life here in Korea - I was full of enthusiasm and hope and everything an explorer feels when he is starting to discover the unknown, then as the usual story goes, hardships and challenges came along the way, I was close to giving up, of wanting to go back to my comfort zone in my home country, but I needed to be strong and remind myself that going back unfinished is like giving up without even trying to fight, so I did what I should do. And now, I'm just a few steps away. I can see it already, but there are still some things that need to be overcome. So I whisper to myself, You've come a long way, so go on, run, run and finish this race with all your might.

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