Monday, September 3, 2012


My weekend just happened like that.  Sometimes it feels like instead of having two days of break, it's just one day all in all. Tomorrow is Monday once again. So before I continue with my mundane life of working in the laboratory, I just want to share what I've been up to this weekend. Yesterday, I was just stuck in my room the whole day. Bummer-mode watching romcoms...until I realized I'm supposed to go to the Daegu International Body Painting Festival in Duryu Park. I left at 5 in the afternoon and decided to drop by first in downtown to have a decent lunch (I've been eating ramen in my room, yeah only ramen). While walking, I was lured to go inside the clothing shops. The displays were beautiful and oh so tempting. First was MIXXO. Yes, my new favorite. Then, ZARA (coz they're just located beside each other). I let my eyes feast in the fashionable dresses, coats, etc. or in other words, I did window shopping. And then I went to the shop opposite of ZARA, the Wonderplace. It's a Korean shop but unlike MIXXO, its clothes come from different manufacturers. It's more of a boutique.

Ooops! Guess what? CLEARANCE SALE!

They've got so many items on sale they needed to do some color coding for the different prices.

Clothes, clothes, clothes! Lots of 'em!

And then, I decided to get something with a green sticker (59,000 won 10,000 won).

I was planning to fit it first but the staff told me that On Sale items cannot be fitted. And since I couldn't decide which color to choose from, I ended up getting two dresses of the same style but with different colors. If you look closely in the picture above I was actually holding two dresses (the other one having blue & brown stripes). And then, when I was in the counter, I handed my debit card but the saleslady told me that On Sale items need to be paid in cash. Why are there so many restrictions when it comes to On Sale items? Why? Grrrr! Okay, so good thing I had some cash. I was kind of perspiring already because I really didn't know exactly how much I had in my wallet. Whew!

Only after that did I have my decent lunch slash dinner.

For the Body Painting Festival? No, I didn't witness it. My whole afternoon and evening, I spent it all in downtown.

P.S. I tried fitting again all my newly bought clothes (the ones from Mixxo and those from Wonderplace) but it seems like they don't fit me well. Is it the size or the structure of the clothes? I really don't know. Or probably my body? Coz a Korean body is sexier compared to mine. Geez! Whatever!

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